Simple Moves Services


Downsize and Decluttering Services

  1. We help you sort and organize your belongings from the closets to the garage, allowing you to easily decide what to take with you

  2. Staging tips to help your home show better

  3. The best local resources for ways to sell or donate things you don’t want

  4. We do the physical work so you don’t need to

Moving In Day Services

  1. Direct your packers and movers so furniture and boxes are in the right place

  2. Set up bedroom, bathroom and kitchen basics to make your first night comfortable

Settling In Services

  1. Unpacking

  2. Room Organization

  3. Electronics/Computer Hookup

  4. Picture Hanging

  5. Packing Material Disposal

Additional Organizing Services

  1. Start off your life in your new home with organizational systems that work for you. We take time to find out how you life and then set up systems that make the rooms in your home fit your lifestyle.